Friday, January 27, 2012

Somebody, anybody, tell the truth please...

This isn't a partisan complaint, Republicans and Democrats are equally guilty, so I won't even mention any of the Republican presidential candidates by name when I take note that one of them is "correcting" his financial disclosures to show an "overlooked" $252,000 salary and another candidate is making "minor technical" revisions to show about two dozen investment funds or accounts that are missing or reported inconsistently on different disclosure forms. If the political status quo were reversed, I have no doubt that very wealthy Democratic contenders would be doing more or less the same thing.

Fuller disclosure, part 1
Fuller disclosure, part 2

I have heard no suggestion, and I do not believe, that any of the four multi-millionaire GOP candidates got their money by illicit means. That is not the issue.

The issue is too much money and its impact on our ideal concepts of "one man, one vote" and representative democracy. The primary campaigning is being distorted, dominated and made ugly by too much money, in too few hands, with too little restraint, being used for too much pettifoggery.

Obscene wealth inequality is a big problem in politics, it's getting bigger, and it doesn't stop there.

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