Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lorne Greene: please call me

I make no pretense that I'm about to offer a uniquely witty little commentary on how much of a doofus I am with the TV/cable box remote control....I'm going deeper.

I'm not a doofus about setting up the system, and I can navigate around my own home cable system, more or less no problem....

Put me in front of your set-up in your house? With two different remotes? Unfamiliar protocol for turning it on?

Uh oh.

Anyway, here's my main point:

I'm looking at this Comcast remote. It's almost a foot long. Truly, it takes two hands to use it if you want to push all the buttons. And, gee whiz! it has 53 buttons! Eight different shapes, five different colors, several alluring mode selections ---there are six words I really don't recognize...

It is, more or less, rocket science.

I'm pretty sure this remote was designed by someone who knows where the bathrooms are on Battlestar Galactica.

Who uses all these buttons?

I wish Commander Adama could give me a call...

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