Friday, August 31, 2012

Whoa! Wait a minute…

Hurricane Isaac wasn't the worst storm to hit the Gulf coast, but it was bad, very bad, hundreds of thousands of people suffering, thousands of businesses suffering…

So I'm trying not to think of this as a humorous swipe in the context of that rampage of Nature….still, I am snorking a bit as I mention this Associated Press report:

"Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said officials may cut a hole in a levee on the east bank of Plaquemines Parish to relieve pressure on the structure. At a news conference in Baton Rouge, Jindal said there was no estimate on when that might occur. He said as many as 40 people are reportedly in need of rescue in the area."

Now, we’re talking about cutting “a hole in the levee” as a remedial measure…..something is terribly wrong here, right? Haven't we had some kind of spectacular planning/engineering failure if we’re talking about chopping a hole in the levee to make things BETTER?!!!!!!......who’s gonna take responsibility for this one?

If the levee system can't protect the residents and businesses in a Category 1 Hurricane, doesn't that suggest a bigger, badder truth? Maybe we shouldn't try to protect everyplace that's been protected in the past. Why are we spending tax dollars to build levees that the good governor thinks have to be destroyed so we can save people?

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