Saturday, August 11, 2012

Just a thought on the Paul Ryan pick…

I've been wondering for several months how much of a consolation prize Romney would toss to the partisan Tea Party folks when he picks his Veep. Now I know.

Sheesh! I never thought he'd go this far. I think Ryan is a dead weight around Romney's neck. Now many of the highly committed Tea Party folks and many on the GOP right, who have wanted to vote for anyone who's not President Obama and who weren't really sold on Romney, will be able to sigh contentedly and vote for the Republican nominee. Many of the other folks who were considering or leaning toward Romney may decide they want to think again….

I'm going to vote for President Obama, it's gonna be very interesting watching Obama-Biden campaign against Ryan. I think Ryan is vulnerable. Romney and Ryan have incompatible political histories. To what extent will Romney have to campaign against Ryan and his budget proposals?

The search for a VP....


  1. biden verse there any doubt? Could Joe step up to be president...well he can't be any worse than what we've got! Joe is a bumbling fool, ryan knows what he's talking about whether agree or disagree and has some sense. It could only get worse if Nancy Pelosi was made Sect. of State next term. Fortunately there is 2 1/2 months for you to change your mind.

  2. I really don't mind posting this comment, it's more of a ramble than a rebuttal, this kind of "aw shucks" defense of Ryan is probably as good as it gets, and I'm not convinced.....