Friday, September 7, 2012

President Obama: What he didn't say….

Hey, I'm going to vote for President Obama again. I was convinced before I listened to his acceptance speech last night, and I'm still convinced, more so….

I'm not going to try to convince you about President Obama, you make your own decision based on your own self-interest and how you perceive the best interests of our nation.

There was a lot President Obama didn't say when he accepted the Democratic nomination.

I honor him for loving his family. He made it plain at the outset, and then he moved on to the business of America and his vision for more changes to make life better for us all.

But he didn't say that "business experience" is what we need in government…you think about the managers and bosses and business leaders you know, are they accumulating experience that's preparing them for the White House?

He didn't mention that the Republicans in Congress, and quite a few Democrats, have callously failed again and again and again to do the right things for America and Americans in the past four years. Instead, they put politics and their own re-election interests above the common good and the best interests of the millions who have suffered in the financial meltdown of the last five years.

He didn't say that the way to continue or start fixing our national problems—employment, education, health care, finance/banking malpractice, deteriorating infrastructure, man-made climate change, Social Security/Medicare, you can extend the list—is to cut the government services that we all want, cut government payroll and give more tax breaks to businesses and the very wealthy Americans among us...because it's not true.

He didn't say that some Americans won't vote for him because he's black.

He didn't explicitly say that if you voted for him in 2008, especially if going to the polls four years ago was an unfamiliar experience for you, you absolutely owe it to yourself to vote this year for President Obama or Mitt Romney.

Vote for four more years for President Obama, or bring in the new guy.

If you voted for President Obama four years ago, there is no compelling argument that you should skip this election, there is no level of disappointment, there is no combination of changes in your life or your thinking, there is no public or private reason you can think of that makes it smart for you to say "I'm not going to bother voting this time."

That's a choice, and it's the choice that hurts you most.

Vote for the candidate of your choice. Change your future.

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