Thursday, September 20, 2012

The "47%"—how many are "Romney people"?

Turns out that Romney may have been beating up on a lot of his own supporters when he said those nasty things about "the 47 percent."

You recall that Romney—when he thought he was talking privately to big donors—said that "47 percent of Americans" think they're "victims," think they're dependent on government, won't take responsibility for their own lives, are solidly in President Obama's corner, etc. etc.

Turns out that many of these same folks are older Americans with lower incomes…and a recent New York Times/CBS News Poll shows that our fellow Americans who are over 65 are supporting Romney over President Obama by a 15-point margin.

Catherine Rampell, blogging on, points out that Romney may have been picking on the wrong "victims." I guess most partisan rants aren't too well thought out in advance…What a way to run an airline, huh?

I wonder how many of those over-65, low income folks are reconsidering who they're going to vote for on Nov. 6? Maybe some of them are feeling angry and betrayed….

Maybe they'll just go ahead and take some responsibility for their own lives, and cast a thoughtful vote that is really in their own self-interest…..

8 of the top 10 states with "no federal income tax payers" are Republican states...

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