Tuesday, September 11, 2012

No, no, what I really mean is…..

Metamorphosis. Ryan is becoming a "Romney." Romney is spectacularly changing his mind again. Kafka might understand this a little better than I can.

Ryan has repeatedly spouted Romney's party line since being chosen as the running mate. The political positions that make Ryan what he is apparently are baggage, not convictions, because Ryan has thrown them off the bus.

And in the last week both Romney and Ryan have gone flamingly public with none-too-subtle changes in the nominee's very familiar, if undetailed, policy positions.

Romney is dialing back on things he's been saying in the campaign to appeal to the rightest wing of the Republican party. I guess he's trying to appeal to other people now…or maybe he just can't help himself any more…

Suddenly it's not "Repeal Obamacare on Day One," instead Romney is carefully saying that he'll keep some provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Of course he will—there are many provisions of the health care reform law that most Americans like a lot.

Suddenly Romney/Ryan have stopped saying "No way!" to the bizarrely provocative proposition of "$1 in new revenue (higher taxes) for every $10 in federal spending cuts." Of course they are—most people understand that our personal and corporate tax structures are wildly unfair and riddled with loopholes.

Suddenly Ryan says individual states can legalize medical marijuana, although he's personally opposed. Huh? Ryan saying something nice about marijuana? Lots of Republican squirming over that one….

Suddenly Romney is explicitly claiming "I won't cut taxes for the rich." That's not exactly a hint that he wants to RAISE taxes for the upper classes and the very wealthy, but it's a lot different from his previous mantra about "lowering the tax burden on the job creators"…..

So. Metamorphosis. Shape-shifting. I personally don't use the word "flip-flopper" but you can if you want to…

What is Romney's real position on ANYTHING?

The thing is, when is he going to do the right thing and give us details on exactly HOW he wants to be president?

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