Sunday, September 16, 2012

Another problem with that organic food research…

You probably read about that recent new study on organic foods: it said that organic foods more or less have the same nutrition as regular food that contains pesticides.

The study pretty much forgot to mention the pesticide part. And the news media that jumped all over the study forgot to mention the pesticide part, too, pretty much…

That was a problem with the report from Stanford University's Freeman Spogli Institute.

And now and have uncovered another problem with the report:

The Freeman Spogli Institute gets major funding from Cargill, Inc., a $100-billion-plus international agriculture giant that, you guessed it, doesn't produce organic food. Cargill makes its money from the other kind. It also produces meat and eggs. Think "feed lots" and "chickens in cages."

And another little problem: a co-author of the Stanford organic food study is Dr. Ingram Olkin, Professor Emeritus in statistics at Stanford. Olkin previously has done work for the tobacco industry’s Council for Tobacco Research…don't count on using his work to back up your local anti-smoking campaign.

Corporate interests with big money involved have their story to tell you about organic food.

But you don't have to believe them.

….I just love the taste of "no pesticide" in my locally-grown, organic strawberries…

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