Thursday, March 14, 2013

National economy? Yoo Hoo! Remember the economy?

Will Congress start to stop the silliness and actually give our economy a shot in the arm?

I'm very happy to read several times in the last couple days that business and corporate leaders are actually starting to make waves on Capitol Hill, telling both Dems and Repubs that they have to start doing stuff that will actually boost growth in our national economy.

Seems like President Obama has been singing a solo for too long about our real priorities: economic growth and creation of jobs for the millions of Americans who are still out of work.

Republicans in Congress have been doing their darnedest to do absolutely nothing on this score for years, and most Democrats have been sitting on the sidelines too….

Our elected representatives have been playing their self-serving political games, and the rest of us have been twisting in the wind…


  1. Dr. Franklin thought the only way to run a country was a real "democracy" - with one vote for one person. Not this ridiculous Senate in which Wyoming votes equally with Pennsylvania. And he would have been appalled with the gerrymandering that gives us the freaks of the far left and the far right. The Parliamentary System is preferable to what we have today.

    1. Quite so, it's very painful to acknowledge that the wonderful American experiment in self government has gone so far astray...

  2. And that's why our founding fathers didn't and we still don't have direct election of our president. How soon we forget our basic high school history.

  3. I don't know what clarifying comment Anonymous intended to make, but this gives me the chance to mention that much of what we "know" about the so-called Founding Fathers is based on "our basic high school history," much of which is surprisingly wrong. The so-called Founding Fathers never thought of themselves as a team, in fact they were mostly rich, educated businessmen or lawyers who did a lot of horse trading to set up our form of government. It wasn't pretty.