Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Maybe Diana would have done it differently...

I try to avoid knowing about things like this. I really do.

But before I could turn away, told me that some folks with way too much money paid more than $1.2 million at a charity auction for 10 dresses that belonged to the late Princess Diana.

A highlight of the auction was the velvet, midnight blue Victor Edelstein gown Diana wore in 1985 at the White House when she famously danced with John Travolta.

It was gaveled down at $362,470.

With that kind of cash, I could buy about 52,000 books for poor kids who don't have enough books to read.

I know, I know, the dresses were sold at a charity auction. But a few folks including the auctioneer took their cut….the charities didn't get the whole $1.2 million….

I'd like to think that Diana actually believed there is a better way to give away your money: give it directly to the people who are needy.

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