Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"Large" soda at McDonald's in 1955…

Some of you are old enough to remember your dad splurging for family dinner at McDonald's in the 1950s.

Hamburger, fries and vanilla shake, that was my dream meal. I think that whole order cost 40 cents.

And by the way, just a side note on the Bloomberg/"Big Gulp" frenzy in New York:
in 1955 a "large" soda at McDonald's was an eye-popping, belly-filling, two-handed offering,
all of 7 ounces.

Way too much for ladies and young children, you understand….that "large" drink was the he-man size…

I'm thinking the preachers of America should take off the gloves and speak truth to today's
40-ounce "Big Gulp."

And that monster shouldn't be sold within 100 feet of a kid.

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