Friday, March 1, 2013

The wisdom of the Cherokees (part 5)

"…Look beyond rejection, see beyond limits,
                 think around the bend in the road.
 It may be that we have been trying to settle for less than the best— 
                 and we have been doing it for a long time."

Joyce Siquichie Hifler
Di Ka No He SGi-Di Go We Li SGi
(She Who Writes Her Philosophy On Paper)
Cherokee writer

It struck me that Joyce Hifler said "trying to settle…" instead of "willing to settle…."

I think that almost always we should be willing to settle for "less than the best," not because compromise is inherently good, but because realistic acceptance of something good is almost always better than unrealistic insistence on perfection when that outcome isn't really attainable.

I believe we should always try to get the best there is, or the best we can do….and only in that frame of mind should we be satisfied with a loaf that has one end missing….

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