Monday, March 4, 2013

I'm not in a relationship with my cereal…

Commitment has never been my problem, but, Facebook-wise and cereal-wise, I do have to draw the line….

Although it's not my public persona, I'm actually a very emotional guy. I am deeply, fully in love with the ones I love. I have sincere moral and visceral energy about the values I cherish. I get angry easily at people who do wrong.

So, I have a heart and a soul.

Now, I don't get blubbery about it….and I don't make my life an open book…and I'll risk mildly alienating some friends and acquaintances by saying bluntly that I don't do Facebook, and you know what I mean….

So when I carelessly looked at the top of my cereal box this morning, I choked for a second when I realized that Post Grape-Nuts wants me to be a friend on Facebook.

I checked out the Grape-Nuts Facebook page, and I learned that "Grape-Nuts helps you conquer your mountain, everyday." Grape-Nuts and my mountain, perfect together…..not.

More than 120,000 Facebookers "Like" the Grape-Nuts page. Wow.

Not me. Can't go there.

I eat Grape-Nuts for breakfast every day.

I like Grape-Nuts.

But I'm not ready to make a commitment…

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  1. Are you sure you aren't talking about Fruit Loops???